Community Work


Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment (FiRE)

FiRE is a mass based women’s organization serving New York City and its surrounding areas. We are dedicated to global and local Filipina and Filipina American issues. We believe that class oppression is inextricable to the struggle of women; therefore we support and create women’s initiatives by fostering leadership, building alliances and mobilizing our immigrant and native-born community through critical education and learning. We are an anti-imperialist formation working in solidarity with theNational Democratic movement of the Philippines. We connect the Filipino diaspora to the women’s struggle in the Philippines by organizing across class, gender, sexual identity, and age lines. Bringing woman-born and woman-identified people together, we challenge pervading stereotypes by creating self-defined Filipina identities.

FiRE is a member of GABRIELA-USA ( and BAYAN-USA (

The Philippine Forum – Bayanihan Filipino Community Center

The Philippine Forum strives to make Filipinos and Filipino Americans aware of their roots, conscious of their rights, and cognizant of their responsibilities as members of both the American and Philippine societies, and as citizens of the global community.

We endeavor to enhance the Filipino community’s capacity in becoming active participants in the overall effort to effect meaningful changes in society.


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