23 Jan

I wonder why they say heartfelt.
Such a tame word.
When a more proper word would be visceral.
Really the deepest emotions are raw.
Coming from the viscera.
From your guts.
Whether it’s love or anger or anguish.
Is when you
See a sad movie.
Is when you
See Ondoy or Sendong
Unfold before your eyes.
Is when you yell
At your sister
Over unauthorized borrowing of your things.
Is when you realize
That floods happen
Because they profited from your trees and your gold
And stole your people’s lives.
Is when you are moved
To help someone stand up when they trip.
Is when you are moved
To stand up and speak about yout know is just and right and fair.
Heartfelt does not compare to visceral.
Heartfelt is Hollywood.
But visceral is real life.
And this here, you and I,
What we feel is visceral
Raw love
And anger
A feeling that you do not have to think about.
That will have you on your feet
Even before you think.
A feeling that moves your body.
A feeling that crosses
An ocean
Back to our homeland
A home lost
Because we had no jobs
And we were forced to migrate
A feeling
That our people feel in the homeland
As if we and our people back home
Were twins in the womb
Feeling one and the same.
Like, we were
Like water
Indivisible from one another.
Keep this feeling
You, the youth
Whose blood and fire cannot be quenched
And we, the people.
Whose rise cannot be stopped
Will not only recover the road, our road
But our land
As well as our home
And our hearts.

Performed for Road to Recovery, November 2011


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