No Words Are Necessary

29 Sep

I’ve been trying to learn Spanish

For over seven years.

And somehow, I have remained Spanish-less.

Aside from asking you “¿Como sé llama?” or “¿Dondé vive?”

Not that I’m proud of it.

That would be terible.

It’s okay to not know,

And to make mistakes,

But to refuse to learn…

So, I’m trying a little harder.

I dedicated a notebook to Spanish phrases and Spanish words

I watch HBO’s El Perro y El Gato.

Because my kasama once said:

“Flowers bloom everywhere.”

As I raise my fist and yell myself hoarse in Tagalog.

Another woman is raising her fist in Mexico and yelling herself hoarse in Spanish.

Or Hindi.

Or Creole.

It doesn’t mean that I need to know 20 languages.

Words between you and I,

Words between us sisters are unnecessary.

Because at the sight of your brusies–

Marks of violence at the hands

Of a single man

Or put there by a repressive state–

No words are necessary.

Because at the sight of your smule,

At the sight of your hand held out,

No words are necessary.

Because at the sight of you, amongst your sisters

Marching down the road, arms linked

Eyes up to the sky

No words are necessary.

We walk under the same sky

And our roots both cling to the same earth.

And the sound of your laughter is carried on the same wind as my laughter.


Between you and I

The story of the woman and the struggle

Spell themselves in our angry eyes,

In the simple act of standing, even after we’ve been knocked down.

No words are necessary

**Written for the Montreal International Women’s Conference of August 13-16, 2010


Isang Tugon to “No Words Are Necessary”

  1. luis aldana Setyembre 29, 2010 Sa 11:54 hapon #

    Hi there, well, my story is very similar. I got to USA almost 2 yrs ago from Colombia, my wife got a job here and we had to move. My English was 0.0 I mean, I did not speak NOTHING. I tried to learn using podcasts, books, watching TV and also I bought Rossetta Stone, because many ppl said me that it is the Top…. That software was my last mistake. Then I took the decision of creating my own method, and I did it. First I got a book with the high frequecy words and I adapt them to me, and what I needed. I know that my english maybe is not as good as I would like, but every day is better. Using the same methodology I made a course for people that need to learn spanish (Beginners) and my clients love it.


    Good luck

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